​Currently he is as a trainee transpersonal integrative psychotherapist at Mercurial Therapy working towards accreditation. He helps individuals and organizations to fulfill their personal and spiritual potentials through the understanding of the Kundalini energy for individual, business, social and global evolution. Through the use of transpersonal psychotherapy and Kundalini yoga, Jag helps to bring about the realization of our own spiritual nature and the evolution of human consciousness.

 Jag is the owner and founder of the London Kundalini Centre, a non-profit social enterprise raising awareness of the Kundalini energy and providing low cost yoga and counseling to the East London/Essex area.

He is currently serving as a director and organizer for the Great British Kundalini Yoga Festival.

Jag is a trainee ranspersonal integrative transpersonal psychotherapist and kundalini yoga instructor @ London Kundalini


Jag graduated from Thames Valley University with an Honours Business degree going on to work for Pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca in 1999. In the summer of 2003 he experienced a Kundalini awakening and left the life he knew behind to follow the calling of his true self. He completed his level one Kundalini yoga teacher training in the summer of 2006 in Vancouver Canada and also holds a Kundalini level 2 module in Mind and Meditation. He has taught in Canada, Spain and the UK and has been practising for over 10years .. His interests include meditation, art and martial arts in the form of taekwondo.  He is committed to his own and humanities next stage in evolution through the understanding and integration of the Kundalini energy. Jag has over 15 years business and management experience and has run and owned several of his own companies

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Jag Kaley, is an Aquarian being, and is here to refresh the landscape on what we think a Teacher is, what a modern man is, what the Brotherhood can offer. He has a vision of a world where our shared humanity is the substratum of our lives together here on Earth. He is willing to work for this, and he is ready to help you get there too.

-Dharam kaur khalsa, vancover, teacher trainer


Jag holds the energy for the participants of the group in a way that allows you to connect and flow in class. I always look forward to attending these weekly sessions and leave feeling fully charged. They are meditative and both spiritually and physically experiential every time. Thank YOU!!!

-Marcia Mcknight-writer


It was in the summer of 2014, whilst meditating that a message came through to me. It was so powerful, strong and clear that it made me sit up and take action. The words 'Kundalini Yoga' had come through to me.


At first my conscious mind thought...'where am i supposed to find a Kundalini Instructor and fit it into my busy work schedule, but then i put it out to the universe to help me find one. 


When i searched to my amazement, i found a teacher who was local and we hit it off straight away. His name.. Jag Kaley.


We set up the first session and then it became a regular session. I totally fell in love with Kundalini Yoga. It aligned me so much to source that it enabled me to connect with my higher self and be shown my pathway ahead. 

Kundalini Yoga i feel is the mother of all yoga's as it incorporates breath,mantra,posture and meditation working with mind,body and spirit, a perfect combination.


I have also experienced a kundalini awakening after practising this particular type of yoga which was completely mindblowing.


I am so grateful for the universe sending Jag into my life. The sessions have been fun, the exercises are amazing and we've had wonderful deep conversations after too. 


Jag is a wonderful instructor who is totally committed to his path and the service to others. 

A wonderful, kind and loving being of light. 


Blessings to you Jag. 

Love and Light. 

Neelam xxx 


I have been attending Jag's kundalini yoga classes for a while now and I can honestly say that Jag is an outstanding teacher by far. He pushes you enough to reach your maximum potential in developing inner strength and core stability but is by no means forceful and allows students to work at their own individual levels. I came to Jag at a point in my life where I was seriously considering giving up a career after 13 years in teaching and quite low about my own confidence and ability to believe in myself. 

Jag taught me how to recapture that positivity and belief in myself once more and to remember to be present in the moment by focusing on 'The Breath' Since following Jag's instructions, I can honestly say that I'm not stressed and always able to look at the bigger picture. Trivial things do not bother me anymore and I am back to the happy, enthusiastic person I was before, with a real passion for my job in my new school. Jag helped me to rebuild myself by teaching methods of Kundalini yoga which allowed me to gain peace and love within myself once more. Jag has also helped me to develop greater stamina, core strength and the importance of switching off and finding peace and tranquillity through deep relaxation techniques. 

Besides this Jag is a humorous, humble and kind individual and appeals to students from all backgrounds; regardless of race, religion etc. He has a real 'buzz' about his classes and students often feel like part of a small community once we congregate for the kundalini practice. One often feels a sense of euphoria and inner peace and often quite relaxed upon the completion of the session. I would definitely recommend Jag Kaley as a brilliant teacher of Kundalini yoga and hope that he is my teacher for many years to come. Thank you for all that you do Jag. Best wishes Afshan Khan.



I discovered Kundalini Yoga through a friend who gave me a DVD to try at home. Immediately I found this to be a wonderful change to high intensity types of yoga I have tried in the past like Astanga and Bikram. It seemed to be gentle, flowing, invigorating and meditative, most of all it enabled a sense of integration of mind body and soul. Unsurprisingly though I found it difficult to discipline myself to do the video regularly. So when I was told about Jag's classes in the local area to where I live, I jumped at the opportunity. 


I started attending Jag's classes at the beginning of 2015. I really appreciated the opportunity to spend an hour and a half indulging my self to a truly healing experience. With a very demanding day job this was just what I needed to balance my life. The classes follow the routine of mantra and breath, which appears to free my energy and nourish the body. The exercises are different from week to week with familiar postures reoccurring. They are delivered by Jag who is sensitive to ensure each and every individual can engage at their own level.


The most intensive part of the class is usually in the middle, where we are encouraged to push to our limits, concentrating on the core muscles and spinal flexibility. Jag always ensures his students remain mindful to maintain a responsible level of safety.


These classes are truly inspiring and I am never left disappointed when I leave. There is such a open and accepting atmosphere within Jag's yoga classes, I would encourage people to come and try it for themselves.


Amanda Milbank

Social Worker



"I have wanted to practice Kundalani yoga for a very long time when I came across Jag’s details and thought I would give it a go.


It has been almost 6 months and I have now come to love my yoga sessions. Jag conducts one to one sessions with me at home every week, which has really helped me as I have a young kid and cannot always commit to go for classes.


As a yoga teacher, Jag is very patient, calm and has a way of motivating me. What I like the most about Jag is, he always ask how I feel on the day of the session and focus the sessions to bring mental balance as well as physical balance.


Since I have started yoga with Jag, I definitely feel a positive improvement in my life, which has been noticed by many people around me.


I am truly greatful to Jag for his dedication and generosity. I know I am blessed to have a knowledgable Yogi as Jag to guide me in awakening my Kundalini energy"


Sat Nam, Hiruni